About The Brand Factor

TheBRANDFactor is a boutique licensing consulting firm specializing in the development and execution of strategic brand extension programs for corporate, sports and entertainment brand owners.

TheBRANDFactor was founded by licensing industry veteran Brad Horn, and is comprised of a team of both internal and external consultants – each with the proven ability to leverage brand equity for the development of successful new businesses. Our consultants are former senior level executives from some of America ’s most admired companies, including: Pepsi, Anheuser-Busch, Disney, Hasbro, ESPN, Nestle, Mattel and Omnicom.

The Brand Difference

Today’s global marketplace presents many challenges for the consumer products marketer. Competition is everywhere, both domestically and internationally. Retailers are consolidating – increasing their power to pinch shrinking margins. Oversees sourcing is easier than ever, creating a commoditization of product offerings.

In today’s marketplace, it’s the brand that creates the point of difference for the product. Brands are the real assets. Successful companies continually seek to leverage those assets, especially when launching new products. A strong brand can provide instant consumer awareness and recognition for a new product. More importantly, a strong brand can produce a variety of consumer emotional connections, including trust, quality, prestige, dependability, etc. Quite often, consumers are willing to pay a premium for those emotional connections.

At TheBRANDFactor, we understand the importance of the brand in launching new business. We specialize in identifying the essence of the brand, extracting the most significant equities, and then extending the equities into new businesses via strategic partnerships between brand owners and product manufacturers.